This is the e-commerce website of Torque Meters, Load Cells, Indicators etc. operated by UNIPULSE Corporation, a Japanese sensor manufacturer.

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About This Site

This is an online shop operated by UNIPULSE.

You can purchase UNIPULSE's loadcells, torque meters, indicators and peripherals on this store.


UNIPULSE "leads" manufacturing industry with sensing technology.

We UNIPULSE are a Japanese sensor manufacturer.
Since the establishment in 1970, we have manufactured sensors such as load cells and torque meters using our high-accuracy strain gauges.
With technology expertise we have developed a number of versatile products:
weighing indicators, digital indicators, displacement sensors, grip force checkers, rotating torque meters and more.
The slip-ring-less rotating torque meter "UTM series" in particular has become our signature products for the last decade.

We will continue our efforts to place the highest priority to R&D, and are committed to keep providing world-class products domestically and globally.

9-11 Nihonbashi Hisamatsu-cho, Chuo-ku, 
Tokyo 103-0005 Japan