This is the e-commerce website of Torque Meters, Load Cells, Indicators etc. operated by UNIPULSE Corporation, a Japanese sensor manufacturer.

Any items on this store will be shipped out swiftly once the order is confirmed!*
*A customer's response is necessary for a confirmation of an order.

User Guide

UG ONLINE  USA+Mexico (hereinafter referred to as "our store") is an online store operated by UNIPULSE Corporation. This page contains the important information to use our store. Please be sure to read it before start shopping.

1. How to shop at our store

(1) Find products by category search or free word search.


(2) See the product details page and make sure that it is a product(s) you want to purchase. For its specifications, please refer to our official website. (Opens in a new window). We cannot accept any changes or cancellation once order will be placed.


(3) Enter "quantity" and click "Add to Cart" button to add a product(s) in the shopping cart. You can add other products in the shopping card successively. Once you decide what you want to purchase, check the items in your shopping cart once again and proceed to checkout.


(4) If it is your first time to shop at our store, please create an account first. If you already have an account, enter your Username and Password to proceed.


(5) Confirm your order details.

・Change a shipping address if you want to ship the items to a place other than your billing address.

・Enter any comments in the inquiry field if necessary.


(6) After confirming your order, click "PayPal" button to proceed to PayPal payment screen. Once your order is completed, our server will send an auto-reply email to you.

Once the confirmation email arrives, please make sure that all the order details (e.g. item name, item qty, delivery address etc.) are correct.

If there are no problems, kindly reply to this email with your name and the date of confirmation. We will proceed with shipping arrangements once we confirm your reply.

2. About payment

【Payment method】

Only PayPal payment is available.

【About PayPal payment】

You need to log in to your PayPal account for making PayPal payment. Please have your PayPal account ready in advance.

3. About shipping cost and duty

We can ship requested items quickly since we have all the items on this shop in stock.

Please be reminded that due to changes in air freight charges and/or fuel costs etc., product prices may be changed without notice.  

【About shipping cost】

Shipping cost is included in the price shown.

【About duty】

Duty is also included in the price shown.

【About delivery】

Requested items will be shipped with courier service we choose. You cannot choose a shipping company and a shipping method.

【About shipping date】

After the order confirmation, we will send you an confirmation email. Please make sure that the order details are correct, and reply to this email. We will arrange shipments once we confirm your reply.

For delivery status, please check the tracking service of shipping company. The tracking numbers will be notified with the shipping notification E-mail.

【Designation of delivery date and time】

Unfortunately, we cannot arrange delivery date and time.

【About supported shipping location】

The shipment of items is possible to a delivery address only in the United States of America (50 states and Washington D.C.) and Mexico.

【About packing】

Special attention has been paid to packaging based on our experience in handling loadcell for many years. We use suitable packaging materials.

4. About member registration

When shopping at our store for the first time, click "My Account" on the upper right corner of the page, then click "Create an account". Please read the “Terms of Use” before registering and register only if you agree to the contents.

・Since your information is saved and will be referred automatically when placing order, you don't need to re-enter them.

・You can check "Order History" on My Account page.

・You can check "Wish List" on My Account page.

・You can save multiple shipping address and select one when ordering. Customer information can be edited on My Account page. 

・See our Privacy Policy for handling of your private information.

【About deleting your account】

Please contact at if you want to delete your UG Online membership account.

5. Order cancellation / return

【About cancellation of order】

We do not accept cancellation of order at any circumstances. Please make an order after considering carefully. However, we may cancel your order if your purchase does not meet the rule we hereby state in this User Guide.

【About returned goods / exchange of goods】

We accept returns only if it meets the "Return conditions" below: 

・When initial failure (including damage during delivery) is found in the delivered product

・When we deliver wrong item

・When you want to return items, please contact us within one week after the arrival of the product.

・We will inspect the item after the return, and we will offer replacement or repair service.

・When returning item, please use designated courier service arranged by us.

【About refund】

If we cancel your order, we will refund to your designated PayPal account.

【About model change before shipping】

Please contact the UG ONLINE service center (see Contact Us page).

6. About invoice and quotation

【About the receipt】

We will not issue a receipt. Please use credit card account statement issued by credit card company as a receipt.

【About Invoice】

Invoice will be shipped with the items. We do not accept sending invoices separately. 

The invoice shows the product name, quantity and amount. The invoice will be addressed to your company name (not your delivery address) which you registered on your account.

【About quotation】

If you want to have a quotation, please contact us.

7. About products on our store *important

All the products (load cells) listed in our store are sold in standard specifications. Please note that we do not accept any changes in specifications (changes in cable length, connector installation, attachment of parameter sheet, etc.). Please refer to our official website for the specification of each product. Each product page has a link to the official product page.

If you have a request for specification changes, please contact the International Sales Department of UNIPULSE Corporation.


UNIPULSE Official Website (Opens in a new window)